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about us

We need our MOJO - our MAGIC - the very best energy of ourselves to help us be the best leaders we know we can be. Mojo understands wellness and being health conscious. It carries that understanding with its blends. Mojo ingredients will be 100% natural ingredients, nontoxic, ayurvedic, vegan and organic. We want our tea to be memorable. We vow to keep our  production practices

eco-conscious and sustainable.


Take a holistic approach with our blends to help people attain optimal health, energy and balance. Our ‘MOJO’ is your source
of confidence - that thing that lets us know we can be our very best version of ourselves - everyday. We want our community to have reasons to believe that self-care and body awareness is relevant and that any authentic mental and physical issues can
be properly addressed by practicing a simple Ayurvedic lifestyle.
We want our community to have a raw and authentic experience
with our blends and our teachings. Every sip is a gentle
path to wellness. Sip good, feel good.

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